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ASN.1.js - JavaScript Module for Abstract Syntax Notation One Encoding and Decoding.

ASN.1.js is a versatile and efficient npm module designed for encoding and decoding data using the Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) standard in JavaScript environments. This module empowers developers to work with complex data structures and facilitate interoperability in various protocols, such as LDAP, PKCS, and X.509. With ASN.1.js, you can seamlessly handle binary data representation, ensuring robust and standards-compliant communication. Whether you're building secure communication protocols or dealing with cryptographic structures, this module provides a reliable foundation for ASN.1 encoding and decoding in your JavaScript projects.


  • ASN.1 Object Encoding/Decoding

    Encode and decode ASN.1 objects, allowing for the serialization and deserialization of data structures according to the ASN.1 specifications.

  • BER and DER Support

    Support for Basic Encoding Rules (BER) and Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER), which are different encoding rules for ASN.1.

  • Universal, Application, Context-Specific Tag Support

    Handle different ASN.1 tag types, including universal tags, application-specific tags, and context-specific tags.

  • Constructive and Primitive Encoding

    Support for both primitive and constructed encoding, allowing the representation of simple values (primitive) and more complex structures (constructed).

  • OID (Object Identifier) Handling

    Ability to work with Object Identifiers, which are a hierarchical tree of identifiers commonly used in ASN.1 to uniquely identify objects, types, and attributes.

  • Extension Support

    Ability to handle ASN.1 extensions, which are used to extend existing data structures without modifying their original definition.